Monday, 18 August 2014

Prima doll Mixed media

I am not able to get enough of the prima doll stamp, Just loving it . Tried a mixed media on canvass using some scrap pattern paper, gesso, acrylic paints,stamps and some doodling with a black marker

Prima doll card

I know I am posting after a long long time. But a 20 months toddler to be taken care of leaves me with a very less time for crafting :( and even lesser time for blogging as my daughter is very naughty and always demands my attention. Now over to my recent card. Recently bought a prima doll stamp and have totally fallen in love with it .  Here is the card using prima doll with sweater :)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Handmade Lamp for Diwali

I am posting my handmade lamp that I made for last Diwali.

First made a rectangular box out of thermacol and covered it with an orange organza cloth leaving the top and bottom sides openn. Later handpainted on it with acrylic colors and added some border ribbon :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mixed Media

My first try at mixed media on canvass with hobby ideas shilpkar, acylic colors and paper flowers

My First post :)


I am so excited about this. This is my first craft blog. I have been wanting to do this for a long time now.
I have always liked spending time at various paper crafts since childhood including painting.

It has always worked like a therapy to me at difficult times. Igot first inspired when I found quilled crads on my friend Bhavana Kesarkar's blog and fell in love with that art. I immediately tried those quilled flowers with strips of paper and without any tools and since then i have been quilling for three years now.

I take inspiration from many crafters Rajni Chawla, Pritu Jain, Ayushi Gupta, my favourite quiller being Pritesh and many more.

I started it as a hobby and now I would like to share my creations :). Below are some of my crads and a picture frame I made over a past few days.
Ignore my bad photography please :P